cruiser2-1The Club’s cruising boats vary in size and use. The larger ones of twenty eight – thirty five feet are usually based far afield from Anglesey round to Liverpool. The middle sized, the twenty-five / twenty-six foot cruisers, live on the moorings at Thurstaston and cruise the local waters

There are then the small cruisers, which range from seventeen to twenty two foot and there is much current interest in the class. This size of boat is proving affordable and versatile whether day sailing in the estuary or when the fancy takes, racing round the local cans. We don’t take this competition too seriously (Yet) but it is great fun. No spinnakers are allowed and the boats and their gear are light enough to be single handed should crew not be available, they also stand up on their own and don’t need the crew leaping about on trapeze wire (Big plus that one).


cruiser2-2At a meeting in early 2009 the Small Cruiser owners approved a plan to let wind make some of the decisions for us i.e.

Up to 17 mph yes we sail, above no.

Wind direction decides where we operate. E.g:-
Westerly round to northerly best not fighting wind and tide over long distances so stay in local “Pond” and go round the cans.
Southerly /Easterly gives options to get out through the Middle Deep gap to Fun Ship/Greenfields and, after practice the longer trip to Flint, with possible race back in each case.

Some events will be with the Wayfarer dinghies including Commodores Cruise and this will include a long distance race starting from D1.


At a similar meeting in early 2010 it was agreed that the above arrangements had worked and that similar excursions into estuary would be made during the season, with the possible addition of a race or two on the way back in.

Annual Winter meetings in 2011 and 2012 decided on continuation of the forgoing with Regatta attendance, and in 2012 three “Fixed start races” spread over the season. There will be a meeting early 2013 to move things on.


With 23 boats on the moorings in 2012 and maybe nearly 30 for 2013 and with some owners actually wanting small cruises and nights away, it can, with weather permitting, only get more interesting!

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